Tiger, On Drag Queen Shows

I have to admit that no one has ever asked for my opinion on Drag Queens or the “shows” they put on.  In my not-so-humble opinion, these creatures are pitiful representations of human with serious identity issues.

What would you see if they took off their outlandish costumes?  And their outrageous makeup?  Would there be a “who” left behind?  Or a “what” left behind?

As with all creatures it all comes down to sex, to having sex, to performing sexual acts or provoking sexual natures.  I can say that without having to look it up in Darwin’s “Theory of Evolution” since all evolution is because of sex.

“Drag Queens” feel themselves left at the altar of a sex-less society, one that refuses to appreciate them without their costumes and make-up – and dare I say – their hormone-driven gyrations.  These people found for themselves a new society of sorts, one that is, at first, willing to accept them, and finally, happy to accept them in all their forms.

Like the Rooster in the barnyard, the dances they perform are to attract the female of their species.  There are, of course, other male manifestations evolved to attract the opposite sex in all species but the Rooster will suffice for this example.

I have never been “propositioned” by a Rooster, had one attempted to lure me into a position where he could gratify his Rooster self in his Rooster way, but I would probably have bitten his head off before he got too far into his fantasy “having” me.

But let there be no mistake, the Rooster and the Drag Queen have one thing in common and that is their behavior belongs in the barnyards of their own species.  Any human that allows or even encourages them to step outside their barnyards should be the first to be their target, their “intended,” the first one to experience the out-of-species coitus that the Roosters and the Drag Queens want.