The Real Problem With Donald Trump

April 7, 2023    –   Doesn’t everyone have an opinion about Donald Trump? I mean, really! Don’t you wish, just one time, that people would have the courage to… to what? To say that Donald Trump didn’t mean much to them before he was elected the 45th President of the United States? Before he had a television show? Before Trump was the first famous guy EVER to get in trouble for cheating on his wife and then offering $$ to keep the cheat-ess quiet?

But no. Everyone has suddenly become an expert on Donald Trump. Everyone has an opinion. To prove my point I asked my ‘Boss,’ “What did the lady in the grocery store checkout lane say when you asked, ‘Why do you hate Trump’? The lady’s answer?

          “I just do.”

I have to admit that Trump’s supporters – that’s me and more than half of America – are still trying to come to grips with the realization that there are real people out there, walking among us, who want to see that America is brought “down.” Or, as Barack Obama famously said, “transformed.” Even as Obama spoke those words, voters never really wrapped their minds around his meaning. Here was a handsome young black man, someone who had apparently overcome the “systemic racism” surrounding him and was, to our immense civic pride, well on his way to becoming President Of the United States!

To this day, as we think about this “transformation,” we still don’t fully appreciate the deeper meaning of said transformation. After all, Americans who even care to vote belong to either the Republican Party, the Democrat Party or declare themselves “Independents.” The Communist Party of the USA is a mythical creature, still hiding in the shadows just like the KKK, seldom noticed and nothing to be concerned about. They’re a joke, right? No one in their right mind would belong to either CPUSA or the KKK, let alone admit their affiliation!

Oh, and let’s not forget about those “Americans” who HATE politics. They’re the ones who have the right idea about not voting at all. They brag, “Why should I vote? Everyone is corrupt so why should I waste my precious time going to the polls?” Or, “They’re all idiots. I’ll show you how smart I AM by not buying into this voting thing!”

The irony here is that the people who are salivating for this Transformation to take place, have powerful (still generally silent) and very wealthy benefactors. They are the smart ones and they have support from all parts of the world, out of sight of most Americans (who, by the way, are busy watching TikTok videos and posting on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram) and have for decades been building a world-wide coalition of anti-America-Just-Who-Do-You-Think-You-Are power brokers. They are laughing up their sleeves at being called “Marxists” because they know that most Americans have no clue what that means. Karl Marx? Isn’t he one of the old Marx brothers? Oh, those funny guys in the old tv shows, from the black-and-white days.

They can afford to laugh right alongside of us, the uninformed, the stupid Americans, because they know that it won’t be long now before the U.S. “government” is completely in their hands, completely under their control, and Americans will wake up one morning to a new reality. This will be a reality where the word “freedom” means nothing, the “individual” doesn’t exist and even the American flag will be replaced with something different – perhaps still red-white-and-blue, but there will be no stripes and no stars. Why? Because those stripes and stars will have lost their meaning. The videos of the freedom fighters in Tiananmen Square will be scrubbed from the metaverse so no one will ever see again what happens when you want to live as a free person; you will be mowed down by a huge tank and your family will never be able to mention your name again.

The “States” will slowly be absorbed into a new “federal” system because the 10th Amendment will have lost its meaning, too. This new “federal” government just might have its headquarters somewhere in Europe (perhaps Davos, Switzerland?) and their daily meetings with Washington D.C. people will take place over Zoom.

The End will now come swiftly as the dangerous generation is daily passing away. The people who remember what America was supposed to be are dying off and, to the chagrin of the young, that can’t happen soon enough. The new Government will be filled with people who believe that the old ways had to pass away because they were not only “old” but the “new” ways are so much better. You will never have to worry about anything because all of your needs will be met by those who will care for you, by those who have your best interests at heart.

The new Country will be scrubbed of people who disagree, who are mean, who don’t care about you, who want … Want what? Peace. That’s what we want: We want to wake to Peace. We want to wake to a world without strife or anger or people who are different. This New World will see to it!

This is why they need to get rid of Donald Trump, at any cost, no matter what. He is a relic of the Old Ways, and to do him in is in the best interest of all of Mankind (just ask the RINOs, the Gates’, the Marxists, etc.).

Trump stands in the way, and so do you if you see the hand-writing on the wall.

Addendum, February 23, 2024

We’ve sent a couple of messages to President Trump today, just to show our support.  But then we remembered we didn’t show him the other way we’re supporting him.  We bought a button-making machine and have been making these buttons, handing them out to anyone we meet who wants one.  One lady now has twenty of them to give to her friends.  We’ll be taking them with us to a Lincoln Day breakfast tomorrow morning and handing them out there, too.

At her age, this is about all Mom can do for you, President Trump.  She’ll keep making the buttons and handing them out everywhere she goes, even at work.  She says it’s how she serves her country.