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What’s a Christian to do?

The Muslim Brotherhood’s plan for the Islamization of Earth is working perfectly. This story from JIHADWATCH.ORG is frightening on so many levels – not just for Swedes, but it should scare the pee out of Americans who allegedly pride themselves on their diverse culture and “freedom of religion.”

Like it or not, Islam is not a religion where its forte is to bring peace (or salvation) to its adherents, nor does it tolerate non-adherents. Unlike other religions of the world (including Christianity) Islam intends – Muhammad believed “God” authorized it – to be the ONLY religion and to dominate everywhere it is allowed to take hold.

Islam of course denies the divinity of Jesus – which to non-Christians is no big deal.

So, what are Christians to do about this blasphemy? Turn the other cheek? Speak to Muslims about the love of God and that explain to them that Jesus is the “…the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”? To be sure, many have had that conversation and have seen conversions; there have been Muslims who leave their faith and risk death for it.

Everyone who claims to be a Christian has a decision to make in regards to Islam and how they feel about it and whether they should be doing anything about it. Martyrdom is not out of the question; it’s surely being practiced in the Middle East, the “birthplace” of Islam.

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