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Was it “murder”?

Ex-police officer, Derek Chauvin, was found guilty on all counts yesterday in the death of George Floyd last year. Chauvin now awaits the punishment for his crime. I felt all along that Chauvin should have been charged with manslaughter for killing Floyd. Who really knows what was going through the police officer’s mind as he allowed himself to stay in that fever-pitched moment while subduing his captive. I believe Chauvin not only wanted to keep Floyd immobile, but also wanted to punish him for whatever it was that caught Chauvin’s attention in the first place.

How much thought needs to go into an act of “murder”? What’s the time frame in which one can make the decision to commit murder? Now, manslaughter can happen in a heartbeat; but here in America time and thought determine what kind of homicide it will be, either manslaughter or murder.

Then there’s “depraved indifference,” the one that covers both.

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