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Pitchforks and torches

I read in the Chronicle Telegram that Teresa Fedor, D-Toledo, told *Kirsten Hill to “explain why she planned this trip and what the goal was, if not insurrection.” 

Am I the only one who sees pitchforks and torches in the Anti-Trump Mob?  It saddens me to hear Kirsten Hill’s good name lumped in with the criminals who wreaked such deadly havoc in the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021.  But sadder still has been the rush to judgement by some of Ohio’s elected officials, along with the Ohio State Board of Education (please note the misused word “Education” in their organization’s title).

For those of you who don’t understand the pitchforks and torches reference, it’s the story of an innocent man being hunted down by ignorant townsfolk.  I knew Kirsten Hill long before she ran for the Ohio State School Board and although I don’t know Ms. Fedor, I can’t help but wonder what her motivation was for putting out such a slanderous statement. 

Oh, wait!  I do know why.  Fedor (and the OEA board) have no worries about condemning Hill – along with other supporters of President Donald Trump because –  could it be that conviction and sentencing is now the norm in the U.S.?  No need for a trial any longer, eh? 

Kirsten supports the U.S. Constitution and the rule of law, but no matter.  For the enemies of the president (Trump) that’s not going to stand in their way.  Even an honorable American like Hill has to watch her back now that the OEA and others like Fedor have the reins of unregulated power – not to mention pitchforks and torches.

(*Kirsten is the long-time chairman of the Lorain County OH Totally Engaged Americans.)

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