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How would Dr. King feel about boycotting Amazon?

Speaking of Amazon, I wondered how the company feels about me stopping all purchases. So I went to their web site and dug in looking for the “Who we are” page. I found this page, “Celebrating democracy, justice…” and it contained an interview with Harry E. Johnson, president of the MLK Foundation. Throughout the interview I found all that Dr. King stood for – “democracy, justice, hope, and love…” but there was no mention in the “diversity” talk about diversity of thought and what’s to be done with those people who don’t think like you do.

The contrast between the majority of Americans who probably agree with “democracy, justice, hope, and love” and those Americans who prefer the opposite ideals, (like ANTIFA, or murderers, rapists, pedophiles and thieves) is overlooked in our society. If you are an abuser, murderer, thief or rapist, etc. you’re not as important in the arena of public debate as a “racist.”

We just blithely coast over the criminal element and take on those who are the headliners, the racists. We leave those conversations to the people in law enforcement because we pay them to deal with and make judgements about them. But we feel completely comfortable and justified speaking out about the other – more popular – scourge on our society – the RACIST.

After all, who’s afraid of challenging a RACIST? They’re not as dangerous as a murderer, bank robber, check kiter, child rapist, pedophile, gang members… You get the idea. Celebrating democracy, justice, hope, and love in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (aboutamazon.com)

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