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Despicable me?

Fox News “The Five” host, Juan Williams, called President Trump “despicable” tonight. Even so, I’m not one of those cats who feels he needs to go. Fox owes it to us to be “fair and balanced.” Actually, they don’t really “owe” anyone, but don’t they have an FCC license with some sort of mandate to produce material for the public good? I’m the public, and my liberal “friends” are also the public.

Elvis and I were just reading an article this morning about Libertarians these days being more like Lefties. Ron Paul must be rolling over in his grave – wait! He’s not dead yet, but if he were he’d be rolling over, and over. For that matter, Rand Paul must be finding it difficult to be LiberRepublican among the sizable group of Democ-republicans.

They’re all moving Left. Except Elvis. I couldn’t work for Elvis anymore if I moved one teeny bit to the center, let alone to the Left.

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