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  • We’re hip deep in extremism

    When President “Brandon” gave us Extremists a good talkin’ to on September 1, 2022, I actually felt sorry for him. It’s not that I agreed with him, mind you, I just felt sorry for a guy that just kicked his 2nd term in the ass and maybe even will see an abbreviated 1st term. It […]

  • Republicans can take a lesson from Leo Amery…

    We’ve all heard of Neville Chamberlain and Winston Churchill, but Amery was the real hero of their story, a Conservative Party member of Britain’s Parliament. The threat of all-out war in Europe was growing and the growing threat of Adolph Hitler. “In his most famous speech, in the House of Commons on 7 May 1940 during […]

  • You Can Call Me Anything…

    … Just don’t ever call me a Democrat! Elvis was a very cool and super Conservative cat. We (Tiger and Friends) carry on this blog in his name, in his honor and hope to do him proud. I should have titled this post “Herr Biden’s Speech,” but you’re probably already sick of hearing about the […]