You Can Call Me Anything…

… Just don’t ever call me a Democrat!

Elvis was a very cool and super Conservative cat. We (Tiger and Friends) carry on this blog in his name, in his honor and hope to do him proud.

Elvis, the Conservative Cat

I should have titled this post “Herr Biden’s Speech,” but you’re probably already sick of hearing about the “masterful” and artfully-produced show he and his team put on at Constitution Hall in Philadelphia last night. People can disagree with the timing and the location of the speech but NO ONE can disagree with the message: “MAGA Republicans SUCK… big time!” Oh, yeah, and they’re a serious threat to the “democracy” and everyone who disagrees with them.

Remember when we kind of laughed it off, Hillary’s calling us “a basket of deplorables,” but Herr Biden has taken even Obama’s rhetoric up several notches higher than even Mrs. Clinton took it. The goal, of course, is to scare Americans who might have voted for Trump or who were/are considering voting for him again, should he be able to run, and threaten them into submission, threaten them into keeping their MAGA opinions to themselves lest Herr Biden sick the Marines on them and bomb them with F-15s.

We don’t often have time to watch movies these days, but here is a quote from Nicolae Carpathia in “Left Behind: World at War:”

“That’s what dissenters do, they sow seeds of doubt… Look at the global community we’ve forged…. Little grain of mustard seed… The militia does it out of a sense of fear and distrust. Christians, they tell you what kind of faith they want: blind… It only takes a little bit of doubt to cloud their entire dream…”

In this movie, the millennial, Nicolae, heads up an entire global community, and it appears he has been authorized by those who put him in power to rid the world of dissenters, whether they be your standard citizens or part of a militia group. Doesn’t that ring a bell?

Of course, “Left Behind…” is only a movie, but it’s the kind of movie that seems to imitate life – or at least the life Americans are living now.

Scene from the movie, “Left Behind.”