We’re hip deep in extremism

When President “Brandon” gave us Extremists a good talkin’ to on September 1, 2022, I actually felt sorry for him. It’s not that I agreed with him, mind you, I just felt sorry for a guy that just kicked his 2nd term in the ass and maybe even will see an abbreviated 1st term.

It also occurred to me that, like President Trump, “Brandon” doesn’t surround himself with helpful and politically savvy staff. Or, if he chose them personally, it may have been because they’re just as anti-American as he is.

It could also be that we Extremists just got lucky: Brandon was feeling so cocky that he let his guard down and didn’t realize how deep in trouble he was going to be. Either way, “FJB” tee-shirts and hats are selling like hot cakes these days, and I’ll bet that 1911’s are, as well.

If we really wanted honest politicians we’d have them. We allow them to keep their true motives hidden because, truthfully, we’re not that interested in politics. We put up with long-winded speeches that inform us of nothing specific because we really don’t care, or we need something to put us to sleep.

Like Extremism, there’s nothing more potent or frightening than the truth, and the truth is that Joe Biden is the extremist, not us.