Republicans can take a lesson from Leo Amery…

We’ve all heard of Neville Chamberlain and Winston Churchill, but Amery was the real hero of their story, a Conservative Party member of Britain’s Parliament. The threat of all-out war in Europe was growing and the growing threat of Adolph Hitler.

“In his most famous speech, in the House of Commons on 7 May 1940 during the Norway Debate, ‘… In these remarks, Amery pitilessly attacked the Prime Minister, his old acquaintance Neville Chamberlain, for incompetence in the fight against Hitler’s Germany. Many of Amery’s Parliamentary contemporaries pointed to this speech as one of the key drivers in the division of the House on the following day, 8 May, which led to Chamberlain being forced out of office and his replacement was Winston Churchill.” [From Wikipedia, Leo Amery]

From True History Channel
Screen capture from True History Channel
Screen Capture from True History Channel