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Brick and mortar…

Anyone who really knows me will not be surprised when I say that I’m not all that upset by the events at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2020.  You see, I look at the totality of the event, the Unarmed rioters, the mysterious “Ray Epps” – a probable government informant and instigator – the here-we-go-one-more-time setting up of President Donald Trump and his supporters, and the lack of empathy for the death and destruction of government buildings and government employees over the rest of the U.S. in the last two years. 

As lovely a piece of architecture as those federal buildings are, they are just brick and mortar, an office building as it were, where our “elected” representatives go to work, supposedly to enact (or prohibit enactment) of laws that We the People approve of. 

Mrs. Ashli Babbitt was the real victim of the incident yet there will be no justice for her, will there?  She will forever be remembered as a terrorist, an armed insurrectionist, a murderer, a sympathetic cohort in the vein of the 9/11 Islamic jihadists and the one-time enemy of the United States who sunk the Arizona and its men on December 7, 1941.

The real villains of January 6 will, most likely, get away with their heinous plot to destroy the credibility of those who saw the real promise of a Donald Trump and take us all further down the path toward the tyranny of a dictatorship – the dictator being the “Democrat” Party aka the Communist Party.