1/31/2014 -
The problem I usually have in discussions with liberals is the language barrier. At first look, the Reich statement in the photo below could have been made by a conservative. But then I look and see that Media Matters is promoting the statement.

Ah, ha! I realize that Reich, as liberal as the day is long, is using the warm and fuzzy words "equality of opportunity, fair access, fair, fair "... You get my point.

What the novice doesn't understand is that taqiyya (the Islamic tool of deception) is at work here. If George Soros (MM's founder) thought he could hook young ignorant college students by letting them think he's only about "fairness," he probably wouldn't mind letting them think he's just as conservative as the next guy. Reich, et al liberals, have this language trick down pat. They mask their real objectives, their real agenda, by using words that are warm and fuzzy to a conservative. The dead giveaway is in the caption beneath the Reich statement: "... generally afforded to the most privileged citizens...." This is the lie.

And see how far down it's buried in the text? I would love to line up all the unprivileged immigrant citizens who would call Media Matters out on this. A good example is one I have come to know personally, an Italian immigrant who made a fortune here in the U.S. because he learned how to sell marble and worked his butt off, becoming wealthy, and always working his butt off until his death.

It's theft when you are stealing someone else's life, claiming their work ethic, and presuming that the poor are entitled to the benefits, the rewards not earned. The Italian arrived poor and through his own hard work became wealthy. There will never be equality of result until everyone takes advantage of all their opportunities and works them, kneads them thoroughly, until the result shows up in their paychecks.

We're mostly all privileged to haul our butts out of bed in the morning (or stay up late at night) and do whatever it takes to, how ever many text books there are to study, to earn the high school or college degree that proves merely that we know how to work.

That's the privilege, the only one that counts. The barriers, the lack of access to success are self-installed.

January 6, 2013

The Individual vs. the Collective -

I'm in an online group called "NE Ohio Constitution Preservation Forum" and the chatter from the members probably parallels the chatter heard around the country. What concerns me the most, however - of all the technical difficulties inherent in this Art. V process - is the doomsday mantra by those who don't believe the American voters are interested enough to see the hand-writing on the wall. I believe that people are interested but overwhelmed with a lot - too much - to think about.

Many compassionate Christians will agree with me that we're in danger, but they believe it's the "liberal" approach that will save the people, save the Republic. They deeply believe that Republicans don't care about people, and it will be the Liberal Democrats who will step up and take care of the poor and oppressed.

Where my Liberal friends and family and I disagree is that I believe the Systems (republicanism and capitalism, for example) are the way out of poverty and oppression, while they believe it's those very Systems that are what's wrong, what keeps people poor and oppressed.

I believe that as long as honest and moral people are the ones using these Systems, the poor and oppressed will see their way out - or the way up. Used with integrity, these Systems are the only way up and out.

I also think these compassionate Christians aren't willing to look at the Individuals' behavior - the micro, as it were - as that which has infected the System and rendered it immoral and oppressive and tyrannical.

I now more fully understand the "Collectivist" nature of the Progressive, that ideology that we are 'saved' only as a group, that their strength is in their sheer numbers, and that salvation (both economically and spiritually) can only be accomplished through the collective participation in any System. After all, the poor little individual has no control, no power, no way to help themselves; it's all - and always - the fault of... someONE or someTHING else.

Doesn't my spiritual salvation rest on me - and only me - inviting Jesus Christ to come into my heart? I don't ever remember hearing that a member of the clergy could wave a hand over an entire congregation and through a spiritual sort of surrogacy ask Jesus to grant everyone salvation. Isn't it only through our one-on-one conversation with the Holy Spirit that we invite Jesus to walk with us? It was me, and me alone, who had to issue the invitation?

And doesn't my economical salvation rest on me, and me alone, who got up and dressed and went out to meet a future employer? It might have been a friend who told me about the job, but that's as far as he could take me.

Once a collective of honest and moral individuals puts their backs into it, individuals can find ways to save themselves.


July 27, 2013 -

I was surprised to learn that Oath Keepers has honored Edward Snowden with a billboard campaign, saying "... When Edward Snowden blew the whistle and exposed NSA spying on Americans, he did the right thing. He honored the oath he swore to defend the Constitution by warning We the People of what was being done to us, by our own government, in direct violation of the Constitution...."

I could not disagree more with Oath Keepers support of Snowden because, as they write, "Snowden could not use the “normal” channels for reporting unlawful behavior because our government is controlled and dominated by oath breaking criminals and Constitution killers, from top to bottom..."

Don't get me wrong, I have no problem with whistle blowers, or anyone who STANDS UP to warn the American people of any breeches in the already-weakened and crumbling wall of protection offered by the U.S. Constitution. However, I cannot support anyone who claims they are trying to protect Americans and then high-tails it out of the country to the waiting arms of countries who would love to see the U.S.C. further demolished.

To me, Snowden's no different than the terrorists of Hamas who wear masks so they can't be identified. Whether I agree with their mission, they believe their lives are more sacred to them than anything.

I feel the same way about people who blog and won't identify themselves. I have a blog and anyone who's interested can identify me as as the author. Same thing on Facebook; when I write, I use my real name.

I have felt - from the first - that Snowden was a coward.

If, as Oath Keepers believes, "Snowden is a Patriot. SILENCE is Treason" then I will withdraw my support for Oath Keepers.

There are other whistleblowers who have made sacrifices, stayed "out of the closet" as it were, stood and faced the Statists who threaten our freedom, and those are the people I respect. Real freedom fighters are willing to put their lives on the line. Edward Snowden was not.

The Decline of the Civil-Rights Establishment


The verdict that declared George Zimmerman not guilty of murdering Trayvon Martin was a traumatic event for America's civil-rights establishment, and for many black elites across the media, government and academia. When you have grown used to American institutions being so intimidated by the prospect of black wrath that they invent mushy ideas like "diversity" and "inclusiveness" simply to escape that wrath, then the crisp reading of the law that the Zimmerman jury displayed comes as a shock.

On television in recent weeks you could see black leaders from every background congealing into a chorus of umbrage and complaint. But they weren't so much outraged at a horrible injustice as they were affronted by the disregard of their own authority. The jury effectively said to them, "You won't call the tune here. We will work within the law."

Today's black leadership pretty much lives off the fumes of moral authority that linger from its glory days in the 1950s and '60s. The Zimmerman verdict lets us see this and feel a little embarrassed for them. Consider the pathos of a leadership that once transformed the nation now lusting for the conviction of the contrite and mortified George Zimmerman, as if a stint in prison for him would somehow assure more peace and security for black teenagers everywhere. This, despite the fact that nearly one black teenager a day is shot dead on the South Side of Chicago—to name only one city—by another black teenager.

(Read more here...)

Thabiti on the myth of race

by Jesse Johnson
Five years ago at the Together for the Gospel Conference, Thabiti Anyabwile delivered a message on the myth of racial categories. Essentially it was an appeal for Christians to stop viewing race as a valid category, and to see that the entire concept of race is inextricably joined to the theory of evolution and an affront to the teaching of the Bible.

He argued that there is no biological basis for race, and that forcing humans into racial categories only leads to harm.

It was a powerful message for me, and one that I’ve thought about ever since. Anyabwile pointed out that race is problematic. He asked in what category should you put a person who speaks with a Jamaican accent, lives in Grand Cayman, and yet has white skin? Treating her like she is from Montana or Macedonia certainly misses the mark, but so does calling her Caymanian, black, or Jamaican…and then you come to find out she was born in Honduras. For many people, culture doesn’t allow a coherent racial structure, and the pursuit of race as a category is simply “misplaced, wrongheaded, and inadequate.” <Read more here...>


A very powerful piece by Jesse Lee Peterson, one well worth the time to read. Nobody gets off scott free in this battle between blacks-and-whites. Even the US AG, Eric Holder, got one thing right when he said we were "cowards" because we refuse talk about race relations.

Of course, Holder doesn't have to worry about being called a racist... or does he?

"Exclusive: Jesse Lee Peterson wants Americans to take stand against intimidation

By Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson

Rachel Jeantel, the troubled young woman who was speaking on the phone to Trayvon Martin just before he was killed, testified in George Zimmerman’s second-degree murder trial that Martin called Zimmerman a “creepy a– cracka” before their violent confrontation."

I’ve been warning for the past 23 years that black racism is out-of-control – it appears black racism killed Trayvon Martin, and Paula Deen’s career!" <Read the rest here...>

Trayvon Martin's friend, Jeantel, has a problem with old people

Tiger post 5:26 p.m. - July 16, 2013

I remember trying to watch the young lady, Jeantel, on the witness stand during the George Zimmerman murder trial. Mostly, I was just watching because she was whispering - more or less. Apparently, during an interview with Piers Morgan she could be heard to say, "... well, the jury, they see their side... ... no offense to the jury...the jury, they see their side... they old. That's old school people. We in a new school, our generation, my generation..." The camera pulls back so that we can see the audience is made up of youngish-looking people and they're applauding Jeantel's 'enlightened' perspective on the law.

These young people, including and perhaps especially Jeantel, see themselves as the new law, and how things should be handled, how they should be done.
Jeantel's ideas and her invocation to us all - to get on board else we be thought of as old and out-of-touch - aren't new; you just have to glance over Facebook, and read what many of our young friends and family members post, and you can just hear them writing, between the lines, of course, 'You're old and you don't know what you're talking about.'

Piers Morgan, at least in this interview, allows Jeantel to think she is the new standard bearer for an oppressed generation - not a black generation, mind you - but rather a young one, that happens to be black.

Having been young once myself, I can identify with Jeantel's worldview: My brain is newer, younger, and therefore has better, fresher, stuff in it than an old brain, which is full of old useless stuff that nobody uses any more.

I can only hope that, in spite of her newfound and unwarranted notoriety, Jeantel will have the chance to see her brain age normally - without the artificial "steroids" that fame can inject. If she's lucky, the normal aging process will take place and, like me, she'll begin to identify with the older brains, and appreciate the age-accumulated wisdom that's supposed to be there.

Have race relations been set back a hundred years?

Tiger posted 7:43 7/16/13

I've heard that white/black race relations have been set back a hundred years, but I tend to think that once-oppressed people have to work to get over it. The 'feminist' movement is another example of a group (or race) of people who never got over being subjugated or oppressed.

What we have cultivated here is a person's or group's right to be victims in perpetuity, giving them a permanent place in the history books, a unique identity that can be worn on a tee shirt or get them interviewed on national TV and, eventually bring people to our 'side.'

Until we make different choices every day, I believe the Oppressed will prefer that moniker to gain sympathy and popularity.
Personally, I feel weakened when I realize that I've allowed myself to be identified as or with someone who needs help all time.

Not the Same God

Posted Friday, July 12 @ 08:41:40 EDT Opinion
By Tabitha Korol

It was not so long ago, in 2008, that Rowan Williams, the former Archbishop of Canterbury, welcomed Islam into the United Kingdom. He now speaks of having to adapt further to the growing Muslim population, now numbering two million, with 85 Islamic courts in the UK, where women are unequal to men and remain unprotected from the violence of their fathers and husbands. At least one cleric, Suhaib Hasan, is advocating stoning and amputation (which is yet one more adaptation to national acceptance of One Law for All). Apparently, English law has already evolved and adopted some aspects of Sharia, yet Williams now entertains further adjustments to achieve a society that works for the ever-popular “common good.” Sharia is not compatible with Democracy and never can be.

For what other immigrant society was adaptation implemented? I reviewed the migration pattern for the UK since 1100, when merchants from the Netherlands first settled; followed by the Dutch and French Protestants in the 1500s; enslaved Asians in the 1600s; the refugees from the French revolution and Chinese sailors in the 1700s; Jews from Poland, Ukraine and Belarus in 1800s;, followed by Irish settlers escaping the famine, and trading Indians and Chinese. Still, England was recognizably England.

<Read more...>
June 11, 2013

"Tea Party, it's not your country anymore!"

December 26, 2012 -

Lefty newscaster, Sam Donaldson, appeared on the Sunday "Chris Matthews" program, with a message for the Tea Party: Chasing Republicans out of town isn't the way to win an election.

I get it. Every day more and more of the America envisioned by the Founders disappears - just as they believed it might - and members of the Tea Party ought to recognize the fact that "... it's not your country anymore." So, whose country IS it?

I suppose, as with most power struggles, one group is trying to survive, to come out on top, to be in control. The adage, "only the strong survive," comes to mind but there's a question about who is, which group is, the strongest. The November 2012 presidential election would suggest that the "liberals," the Leftists, are the strongest - at least in numbers.

But one could almost believe that newscaster, Sam Donaldson, is a Conservative when he instructs the Tea Party to stop ramming their agenda down the throats of the old Republican Guard and thwarting their attempts to work with the Democrats in Congress.

But what is that agenda? Current Senator, Joe Liberman, a one-time Democrat and now Independent, is so disgusted with the Congress and the animous the members have for each other that he announced his retirement last year. Senators, Jim DeMint and Jon Kyle, are possibly leaving their seats for the same reason; I'm just guessing, of course. Does their quitting Congress mean that the Conservative agenda - fiscal responsibility, smaller federal government, and, of course, preservation of our liberties - is not the Republican agenda? There's no doubt that the Democrat agenda does not include any of the above, so how in the world are D's and R's supposed to work together?

But that's not my concern at the moment, it is, rather, Donaldson's suggestion that something less than half the voters in the U.S. just give up the dream of preserving the greatest number of freedoms seen anywhere in the world. Sam just wants to help Conservatives get out of their own way and stop pining for the America that he lives in and not the one that attracted millions to our shores.

I guess Donaldson is saying, "Look, you've had a good 200+ years of living the 'dream,' and now it's time to get real. Nowhere else in the world have people had it so good and now the party's over, go home and enjoy the memories."

I wonder if Sam lives in a different America than I do. In my America, one lives for the opportunities not the handouts. It was a dark time in my life when I was able-bodied and still had to shop at the grocery store with food stamps, and received WIC-sponsored peanut butter and 5# blocks of cheese. I couldn't wait to be able to support us again with a job, or two, and buy groceries (including the extravagance of a roll of paper towels) with my own cash.

I almost said it was a "shameful" time in my life when we were on welfare, short as it was, but I didn't use that word because you might assume that I think being poor is shameful. I think not working when you are able is shameful. I believe that being able-bodied people can be blind, deaf, one-legged, arm-less, scarred, or have any number of physical disabilities. All the able-bodied have something that millions of Americans don't have: The will to work for what they need and want.

So, perhaps Sam is right, that the Tea Party should accept the fact that this isn't "our" America any more.

See No Unholy Alliance, Hear No Unholy Alliance

December 26, 2012 - I just finished reading Jamie Glazov's blog, See No Unholy Alliance, Hear No Unholy Alliance,I felt a chill when Jamie reminded me of the similarities between the Cold War Communist threat and this modern-day Leftist/Islamist one.

It's only since acknowledging my Right Wingedness that my Chicken Little complex has gone super nova.

I have to ask the question, rhetorically, of course: Why in the world would anyone want me to believe that there are no enemies? That there's nothing to be concerned about, to be afraid of? I just imagined myself saying to my five-year-old, "Don't worry about touching the stove. You'll be just fine." Again, I feel a chill.

Could it be that the Leftist ideal of a "Classless" utopia can only be attained if there is never anything to be concerned about? Is that why new-age parents are enrolling their children in sports programs that don't allow score keeping? (I have no problem giving every little kid a trophy, but they should know what they got it for.)

Does any Leftist see the long-range consequence of removing all fear? Or of convincing people that there's nothing to be concerned about, anywhere?

Maybe we should round up all the Leftists and send them to an internment camp where they can spend their whole day smoking marijuana, and singing John Lennon songs. I'd pay tax money to support such a program; anything to get them out of my neighborhood. I would sleep better knowing they were confined and can't be out there un-scaring people.


Nobody likes to hear that there's something wrong with their child...

Massacre in Newtown CT - December 15, 2012

I can't help but be thankful that Lanza's mother did not survive to know what her son did to those little children. She must have known that her son was demented but didn't know how to ask for help (and what kind of help) for him.

I am not for more gun control because I believe in the U.S. Constitution, but I am for being a more courageous parent. We love them, we care for them and try to protect them, but we are reluctant to tell them "NO" even when we become concerned that they are engaging in behavior that could lead them away from socially responsible behavior and toward actions that could themselves or others. What is that parent to do when they themselves feel threatened (and his mother was worried, I'll guarantee you) or that their child could harm others? Blow the whistle and risk the child's hatred?

Just like the warnings we give our kids when they're young (Don't touch the hot stove! Don't play with knives! Stay out of the street!) and what's going to happen, what the consequences will be if they disobey, we need to include warnings about any behavior that WE SEE as risky, anti-social, and or dangerous. Trying to take an XBOX shoot-em-up game away from a teenager would be like taking a piece of meat away from an alligator, but sometimes you have to do your job.

One of the best way to help our schools protect children from gunmen, is to be an engaged and courageous parent so that it never comes to a massacre such as in Newtown CT.

Hugh Hewitt's 'new favorite Lefty' Joy Reid, MSNBC - November 28, 2012

I listened to some of Hugh Hewitt's interview last night, with Joy Reid (MSNBC & Reid Report). An articulate woman, adept speaker on things financial and political. Hugh called her his "new favorite Lefty."

I can understand why people think she knows what she's talking about, unless... and here's the "rub" - as Shakespeare put it: Reid announced proudly that she's a Keynesian, a J Maynard Keynes adherent, one who believes that the economy is all about putting people to work. She loves Harry Reid, Barack Obama, all the severely Left-leaners in Congress, doesn't think the deficit will hurt us, and none of that bothered me more than hearing she thinks the solution to our economic woes is more Stimulus money.

Now, you may be thinking, "Well, Stimulus money (spent on Fed-directed infrastructure projects, of course) might be just the ticket to get the U.S. back onto firm financial footing." And, of course, you would be wrong. Why? you might ask.

Keynesians don't care where the money comes from for those paychecks, given to all those people working on roads, bridges, running broadband cable, etc. Too bad Keynesians don't understand that we're the ones supplying the money for those paychecks.

Help yourself out and look at F.A. Hayek instead of Keynes; Hayek understood that business puts people to work and the free market starts and builds up businesses.


Hey! If I understand it, ANYONE can.

November 21, 2012

Yes, I think the party is too moderate, Dem-lite.

But I believe we lost because we don't market our message very well, and that message - at least the message that I try to deliver - is that the "conservative" way is the way to keep America the country that the Founders envisioned.

We have to stop being the "nice" party and start being "truthful" party. Somehow we think that being nice is attractive enough to get people to cast their vote for the GOP.

Apologists like Gov. Jindal and Bill Kristol do not help us because they make it seem that ideas don't matter, that we're nothing more than a retail outlet where people can find us hawking one great idea on Monday and a different great and wonderful idea on Thursday because the Other Guys came out on Wednesday with their great idea.

That we believe One Size Fits All. It doesn't. That un-serious, non-thinking people will find us attractive and want to hang out with us.

The reason I can say this is because I used to be unthinking and un-serious. Then one day I found myself getting angry with Rush Limbaugh, not because of WHAT he was saying but because I had no way to refute anything he was saying. I realized I had no clue and I really wanted one, I no longer wanted to be ignorant, politically illiterate. As my education progressed, as I learned the language and some facts to go along with the "course," the real surprise was that I agreed with Rush. Who knew?

I want you to notice that I'm not talking about "stupid" people or selfish people, or uncaring people; all of those types can very involved and quite well educated and just argue their case from a different perspective than conservatives.

I would rather entice people to join the Conservative movement first with grand, life-changing ideas. Once they realize who they can be, then look to one of the two political parties for like-minded people.

Having said this, I would like to see current GOP members also join the Conservative movement and find that they sleep better at night counting one grand idea after another. The "old" ways, the "old" modified Republican ideas aren't different enough from the Leftist ideas, so people feel quite comfortable straddling the fence, saying they see little or no difference between the two parties.

Grand and universal ideas can't be cooped up in the "retail" market place of ideas, and the marketing strategy can't be limited to appealing to a "certain type" of shopper, someone who "looks" like a Conservative. No one really wants to be told they're not smart enough, or rich enough, or anything else enough to stand on their own two feet - mentally, anyway - and that the Conservative movement needs them and their experiences.

The big problem we have is that Progressive supporters don't want to be told that they have an "ugly baby," either, that their adorable leader isn't all he's cracked up to be, that they made a mistake and bought a lemon, a shiny lemon that won't even make good lemonade.

So, that's it in a nutshell: My thoughts on why we lost and why we could lose again.

November 15, 2012

Dear Governor Jindal,

I just saw video of you on our local ABC affiliate, saying that you don't agree with Mitt Romney's remarks about why Obama won the election - by giving stuff away. And then you said something about the Republican party needing to be a more inclusive party... Did I miss anything? You're a very popular Republican governor. And I'll bet "they" chose you to speak out against Romney's analysis because you're popular and considered one of the "young guns" of the Republican party, one of the people who will save the GOP from self-immolation. Notice my "Mood Chart" for today, November 15? See the bright red color? My mood went into the tank - not when I read the transcript of Mitt's donor call - but when I heard you apologize for the remarks. Maybe this is why you're popular: You sugar-coat the truth, maybe even plaster it over.

Why is it obvious to 57 million of us that Obama is not the man to lead the U.S. out of fiscal trouble but it's not obvious to you (and apparently others) in the GOP?

I applaud Romney for going on the record with a criticsm of that segment of the voters who liked what they heard, that Obama promised to give them a lot of stuff. We, The 57 Million are not stupid, Mr. Jindal, we know that Pork Buys Elections, and We're not happy that President Reagan died and took all the integrity with him.



cc: GOP, Mitt Romney

Hey GOP! What's my vote worth to ya?

November 10, 2012

Every time I hear radio and tv pundits place blame for the GOP loss on Tuesday, claiming the "tent" isn't welcoming enough, the GOP doesn't reach out to Latinos, Hispanics, Blacks, Asians, I want to throw up. These "groups" have a lot of nerve expecting to be courted. How about these people admit that they prefer to stand with the Party that promises them freebies? You can't tell me they don't love having such a fuss made over them, as though they are here for this purpose only.

I'm sick to death of this kind of entitlement, too. "You want my vote? How much will you pay me for it? What will you give me if I vote for you?" These are not the Americans my ancestors fought and died for. These are the blood suckers that Romney may have been talking about in that secretly-videoed episode. These are people who aren't even trying to make America better by their contribution, they're trying to make more of themselves at the expense of the country. Their loyalty is only to themselves. That's why they prefer to be called anything but just Americans, it's what precedes the hyphens is the most important to them.

And, if you're one of those hyphenated-Americans who thinks they deserve special treatment, special consideration, because of your sex, your skin color, your country of origin, you might want to "unfriend" me because I'm talking about you, too.

As I said yesterday, America needs people who stand FOR something - other than themselves, of course.

What are you FOR?

November 9, 2012

Zo (Alfonzo Rachel) and I agree completely on some things. The GOP leaders have their heads firmly parked where the sun (and reason) don't shine. I would have gladly voted for the man who stood the best chance to dazzle the Liberal base, and was not "A dull representative of so-called Conservatism ..."

However, I believe the biggest reason we lost the White House in 2012 is that we didn't give people a good reason to vote for the Republican. We had every reason to vote AGAINST Obama and the Progressive Left, but we never gave them a reason to stand up for something else. We were all about being AGAINST something, but DID WE EVER SAY WHAT WE ARE FOR??? There were candidates, other than Romney, who articulated that message, but no where in the GOP lexicon is the word FREEDOM or LIBERTY, or even LIFE, and the party choice - across many different races throughout America, Congressional ones, too - that the GOP made was the wrong one.

I also blame the half-hearted Republicans and the Commitment-phobic "independents" who refused to stand up to the GOP party heads at every level, and demand the message of Lincoln's party come from the mouth of our standard bearer. (Libertarians are a whole different animal but also a bit afraid to commit.)

I accept responsibility for my own cowardice in not speaking out against the poor GOP messaging in my own town of North Ridgeville; the only thing I did was drive around with a bumper sticker about 'defending America.' I left my tail between my legs after last year's dissing, and went my own way, hanging my hat soley on the Lorain County Tea Party. At least the messaging was better there.

It's easy to be against something, but the real winners in life are willing to stand up FOR something; those are the people we respect, admire, revere and hope to emulate.

It's a little like trying to promote God or Jesus Christ, or Christianity without mentioning that God is FOR us. After all, who isn't against evil? (Except 'You Know Who'.)

I will, and I hope others will, think about what it is that we are FOR, what it is that America means - what it stands for - and, yes, it matters - in the eyes of the rest of the world. Once we have figured that out, the 2014 and 2016 candidates will be easier to spot, easier to support because we won't have to coach them on what to say. They will already be saying it, saying what it is WE STAND FOR.

Figure out what it is that you stand for and you'll find other people who are willing to stand with you. Let's make the emphasis on the PRO- instead of the "protest."


It takes courage

This "DSVGJ" thread, with the Libertarian defense of voting for Obama... oops, I mean voting for Gary Johnson was NOT a vote for Obama, it was really a vote for liberty. I wish I could remember who wrote in one of these threads recently the suggestion that the GOP candidate/s were somehow criminal... but since I can't remember who wrote it, I'll skip it.

There's something to be said for standing up (or voting) for your principles, a truly admirable - almost heroic - thing to do. The Libertarians, mostly a brainy bunch, have reasons to suspect that the current crop of GOP'ers aren't nearly as concerned for "liberty" as Tea Party people and Constitutional Conservatives.

But I fault the Libertarians for their poor messaging, their apparent inability to get enough Americans to join the Libertarian Party. Charlie Earl mentioned in one post that he's been at this for 40 years, (I assume Charlie meant that he's been a Libertarian for 40 years, as opposed to being politically active?) but it's the ground swell of Tea Parties and born-again Conservatives that seems to be carrying the Libertarians along on their wave.

The Libertarian message - liberty first and foremost - is getting more traction, more-and-more converts all the time, but they're not satisfied with that - they want it all and they want it NOW, and they're going to hold their collective breath until they turn blue. And, yes, that was totally sarcastic, and the more I hear from Libertarians about casting their vote for GJ, the more sarcastic I will get.

The L.P. message is weak against the Socialist message, but perhaps Gary Johnson is the right person to deliver the message over time and raise the party's numbers, but there aren't enough LP voters at this time to win the election. If winning the election away from Obama-nites is not that important to the Libertarians then they're all on the right track.

I don't think Libertarians will have my back, as a Republican. I think of this "vote for Gary Johnson" campaign as a friendly-fire situation, wherein if they bump off the (R) candidate and can show 10 - 15%, or even more, of the votes were for their party, they will have done what they set out to do, make a statement at this important time in our history.

I also believe that the Libertarians don't fear Obama and the Progressives, because their real enemy is the People of the United States who are just too ignorant to appreciate what the Founders did for them.

This "Gary Johnson" campaign effort reminds of the second time my young son was about to reach for my cigarette lighter; he'd been warned before not to touch it. For a fleeting moment, I am ashamed to say that I considered letting him burn himself so he would really learn the lesson.

I think it's more courageous to stand with Mitt Romney, even though one has doubts about his ability to fulfill his campaign promises, and stand against Barack Obama, knowing what his new American vision is.

It's going to take more courage to stand up to those who consider it "racist" to vote against Obama - our first black president - than it will be to stand for a lesser-known candidate that you really believe in. Ohio's US Senate candidate, independent Scott Rupert's supporters are doing the same thing when they vote for Scott, taking away votes from Josh Mandel.

I have little respect for those people who are making the choice to stand on their hopes and dreams, to cast a vote that speaks to their principles, instead of falling on their sword and voting against the greater of two 'evils.' You can be the people who can stand up later on and say, "SEE??? I told you so!" Yippee.

I would respect Gary Johnson if he told his followers that it's more important for them to vote for Romney/Ryan on November 6, to put the country first.

That would be courageous.

Just think of Obama as the tank

Can't bring yourself to vote for Romney? Remember Tianamen Square, 1989? Just think of Obama as the tank.

The United States of Obama

Surely this Obama-inspired version of the American flag will strike Americans as something to be concerned about.

Show of hands, please, how many think that even Obama supporters will see this version of the Stars and Stripes as a bit over the top?

If you didn't understand the implication of the Muslim Brotherhood

being in our American White House, you really need to watch this video.

This video, and the upcoming course mentioned in it, was produced by Frank Gaffney, the Center for Security Policy, one of the top terrorism experts in the country. I've had the opportunity to hear Frank speak in person here in the Cleveland area, and follow his posts closely. One of CSP's terrorism experts is our own Clare Lopez, a local "girl," and her expertise is Islam and the Qur'an; recently she spoke to the Chesterland Tea Party. Clare was also featured recently on Glenn Beck's program (the audio is still waiting for me to upload for you).

I'm really looking forward to this course, and hope to hear your feedback on it, too. We don't have to wait until April, though, because CUMC has Rev. Bo Perrin coming to speak to us on October 28, 2012. Don't forget to save the date.

Please share this with as many people as you can. Should the Obama administration continue another four years, it will be even more important for Americans to understand the threat posed by the Muslim Brotherhood.


Stephens: Muslims, Mormons and Liberals

'Hasa Diga Eebowai" is the hit number in Broadway's hit musical "The Book of Mormon," which won nine Tony awards last year. What does the phrase mean? I can't tell you, because it's unprintable in a family newspaper. On the other hand, if you can afford to shell out several hundred bucks for a seat, then you can watch a Mormon missionary get his holy book stuffedâ€"well, I can't tell you about that, either. Let's just say it has New York City audiences roaring with laughter. http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10000872396390444450004578002010241044712.html?mod=djm_nf_novis_Link1

Committee Chairs Want Answers on Blind Sheikh Release

IPT News
September 20, 2012

I want to know, too, what this president really expected this move would accomplish toward his "fundamental transformation" of America. I thought it was all about the $$$, reducing America's power footprint across the globe... What does making Muslim leaders happy do to promote that agenda?


I've been concerned

- not so much about Obama's message - but rather his target audience: The Kids.

What are we doing to counter the Progressive message, that "1) we're making it a better world than our parents' did, 1) we're not all about greed - corporate or otherwise - 3) we going to serve our fellow human beings by sharing with the less fortunate." It's a powerful, almost blissful, message to those who have little or no experience living outside the protective world of parents, or the utopian 'ivory tower' of School.

We spend NO time explaining that "Egalité" caused the failure of the French revolution. We don't tell them that it is good for Man to struggle against his nature to rise above our childhood dependency on others for everything. We fail to remind them that everything we do, everything we say, day-in and day-out matters; it all counts, it all matters.

And if we Christians think that we're "off the hook" because we are just biding our time until Jesus comes again, we're missing that part of the message where the Bible says we are to be active - inside and out.

The Rhetoric of Liberty

Tom G. Palmer speaks to students attending Applying Liberty seminar in Atlanta, June 25, 2010. His lecture focused on the development of ideas and ways of communications.

Sound a little dry? Not so!! Give a listen.

I am resigned to the fact that this is not USA of my youth, the one my parents gave me. I was never surrounded by people who live for the hand-outs, were jealous of anyone who has more money than they did. I am surrounded by the people who have the audacity to defend their own class envy.

Of all my faults, I have to thank my parents for not allowing me the sin of jealousy or envy. It would be the one flaw I would never be able to repair, never be able to fix, because I would never be able to see it; I would always be looking at the back of the mirror, never the front.


Just how many food pantries has this yokel been to?

The Flag of our nation, the Standard we bare,
The Sole witness of our past - Long may we dare,

To honor her colors - the red-white-and-blue –
The Red: for blood shed, White: to her remain true,

The Blue: for the heavens, where God sits judging on high.
Did we each stand at attention each time she passed by?

Did we defend her when others spat on her name?
Or did we let only the soldiers fight for her fame?

Our Flag covers the tombs that our freedom has cost,
She was a witness when those lives were lost,

Those young and old, the strong and the brave.
Forever and always, our Flag, may she wave.

At yesterdays AFP in event in DC, Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit (gatewaypundit) and Andrew Marcus, director of the upcoming documentary "Hating Breitbart" (check out the web site; I'm not allowed to write the web site name in this post) announced a rally - "Occupy the Truth" - we will be doing with them on Saturday August 18th in Downtown Cleveland at the Free Stamp Plaza (Williard Park).

The purpose of this rally is to bring attention to the mainstream media's refusal to report on the Occupy movement. The reason Cleveland was chosen is because as we all know, 5 members of "Occupy Cleveland" tried blowing up the Cuyahoga Valley Bridge and the Federal Reserve Bank in downtown Cleveland.

In almost every large instance of violence since the Tea Party movement has started, the MSM has been quick to blame the violence on us, our views, our actions, etc.... And as we know - the Tea Party has had no ties whatsoever to any of these violent acts and none of these false accusations against the Tea Party movement have been proven to be true.

In contrast, besides the many documented acts of violence and civil disobedience of the Occupy movement, there is videotape of 5 Occupy Cleveland members trying to blow up the bridge over the Cuyahoga Valley and the MSM has been all but quite. One of the Occupy domestic terrorists is to be pleading guilty and testifying against the other 4 - the MSM has remained silent on this also.

Being election time, over and above the pointing out of the MSM not telling the "Truth", we will also use this opportunity to point out Barack Obama and Senator Sherrod Brown's support of the Occupy Movement, among other "truths" they fail to acknowledge, (the economy is failing - Truth! Ohioan's are against Obamacare - Truth! Their "War on Coal" is actually a "War on the Middle Class" - Truth!, etc...)

We are expecting some big named speakers for the event and will be making these announcements through the week. With the speakers we expect to have and the promoting that will be done for the event - you can be sure this will have national attention.

The event will take into account the Cuyahoga Valley Bridge, the Federal Reserve Bank and we will be across from Sherrod Browns office when we are at the Free Stamp Plaza.

We are hoping for the support from your group and members as this will be a way to energize the movement in Ohio with a national stage and national speakers.

We are inviting any interested local Tea Party, Liberty & conservative group coordinators from the N/E part of Ohio to participate in a conference call on Wednesday August 8th at 8:30pm in which we will have more details about the event, the location(s), speakers and volunteer opportunities. The purpose of this call is to share this with group coordinators in the immediate area first. We will share the info and have a call with group leaders outside this area at a later date, so please do not forward this email.

If you are interested in participating in the conference call, please respond back with "Occupy the Truth Conference Call" in the subject line and we will forward you the call in number and access code.

Thank You,
Ralph King Cleveland Tea Party Patriots - Co-coordinator
State of Ohio - Co-coordinator
National Leadership Council Member - Tea Party Patriots

Sometimes intolerance can be a virtue

July 29, 2012 -

In church this morning we were reminded that years ago George Will wrote a column about the clean up effort in NYC, and the mayor's effort to reduce the number of pornographic businesses on 42nd Street. Mr. Will wrote that sometimes intolerance can be a virtue.

This explains why so many of us don't want Congress, our representatives, to get along - we really want them to stand on the principles we believed they exhibited when we voted for them.

Yet, the Government feels it must intervene when it feels we are in danger from ourselves or maybe from those evil free marketeers, as if Federal intolerance is somehow made legitimate because it IS the government.

Just as Christians should be intolerant of words and deeds that contradict Jesus Christ's teachings, American citizens might consider it a virtue to be more INtolerant of a wayward Federal government and our elected officials who contribute to its waywardness.

COMMENTARY - June 27, 2012

Precedential election

Thursday will be a big day, in the American Republic, if the Supreme Court indeed pronounces upon ObamaCare. Its decision is likely to include surprises, pleasant and unpleasant to all parties, and the arguments will themselves be unexpected to many. This is because the court currently has, among its nine members, perhaps six who are genuinely learned in the law, and therefore capable of thinking outside received media and academic categories.

It makes more sense to comment before the decision, than immediately afterwards, when pundits will fixate upon the immediate political implications. This is understandable in a presidential election year, when the fallout from the ruling will be substantial. The election result could depend on how the respective parties spin it â€" so that, for instance, apparent defeat in court could be turned into victory in November, or a close finish turned into a rout.

But to my mind, the benchmark the justices will inscribe may have a larger consequence, as precedent, farther down the road. For the question about the “individual mandate” â€" whether the U.S. federal government has the power, under the “commerce clause,” to compel the citizen to purchase something he does not want, and may consider to be morally abhorrent â€" goes to the heart of Roosevelt’s New Deal, and the American Nanny State that was erected upon it. [Read more...]

Apathy is such an old concept

(Original post: Saturday, November 10, 2007)

My grandmother, Florence Burlingame Taylor, was a gifted writer, and poetess. Poetry was popular back in the old days and Gramma was never without poetic thoughts on hundreds of subjects.

But her poetry that means the most to me are the sometimes angry and often soothing rhymes about her soldiers off fighting the German and Japanese war machines in World War II. Her poem "Apathy" could have been written today.

Gram was one of those women in the 40's who left the home to go and work in the factory to help with the war effort. She was one of the most sincere patriots I ever knew and it shows in her poetry.

I know Gr T would be pleased to know that I am sharing some of her poetry with you. (If you want to read more, Gram is published at http://www.rufusputnam.com/byways/poems.html). [Read rest here...]


More about Sharia

Want to know the truth? Check at Politifact.comPolitifact

What are you doing to save our U.S. Constitution?
Do you understand the U.S. Constitution, what it does and does not do for you, the American citizen?
Image courtesy of KimKomando.com

 Would you speak with the Chief of Staff, your Chief Economics Adviser, your Senior Adviser, or anyone, with your feet up on the Resolute Desk - a gift from Queen Victoria to President Rutherford B. Hayes in 1880?

Yep, that's right, the president has his feet on the Resolute desk. (I might try that in the middle of the night when no one else is around.) Is Obama allowed to eat at his desk?

Image courtesy of KimKomando.com

Rufus Putnam web site

Now for a few words from our president:

"The Supreme Court never ventured into the issues of redistribution of wealth... The tragedies of the civil rights movement was... because the civil rights movement became so court focused I think there was a tendency to lose track of the political and community organizing and activities on the ground that are able to put together the actual coalition of powers through which you bring about redistributive change." President Obama on Chicago Public Radio, 2001
President Barack Obama: "We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America."